Paving the Way Forward for Data Governance: a Story of Checks and Balances


  • Inge Graef


Data governance is a phenomenon that brings many interests and considerations together. This editorial argues that active involvement of various stakeholders is vital to advance discussions about how to create value from data as a means to stimulate societal progress. Without adequate checks and balances, each stakeholder group on its own will not have sufficient incentives to do its utmost to achieve this common goal. Policymakers and regulators need to be stimulated to look beyond short-term results to ensure that the design of their initiatives is fit for purpose. Industry players have to be transparent about their practices to prevent strategic behaviour that may harm society. And researchers must inform their findings with real-world evidence and proper terminology.

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Graef, Inge. 2020. “Paving the Way Forward for Data Governance: A Story of Checks and Balances”. Technology and Regulation 2020 (July), 24-28.
Special Issue: Governing Data as a Resource