Of Horses and Other Animals of Cyberspace


Keywords: technology regulation, cyberlaw, technology law


In this introductory article to the new journal Technology and Regulation, I give a somewhat personal account of the history of cyberlaw and technology law and the ‘struggles’ some scholars have finding their spot in the more general legal realm. It will recount some of the classic discussions in the field, such as whether cyberlaw is just a form of the ‘Law of the Horse’. It also outlines the contours of the field of technology regulation, some of the open questions in defining this field and some of its constituent elements. Finally, questions that I hope will be addressed in future articles in the journal are provided.

Author Biography

Ronald Leenes, Tilburg University

Prof.dr. Ronald Leenes (1964) is full professor in regulation by technology at the Tilburg Law School (Tilburg University). He is the Head of Department of the Department of Law, Technology, Markets, and Society (LTMS) at Tilburg Law School and Director of the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT). 

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Leenes, Ronald. 2019. “Of Horses and Other Animals of Cyberspace”. Technology and Regulation 2019 (May), 1-9. https://techreg.org/index.php/techreg/article/view/3.