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Technology and Regulation (TechReg), is a new interdisciplinary journal of law, technology and society. TechReg launched on 15/20 May 2019 with three papers: an editorial outlining the why and what of the journal by the editor in chief, prof. Ronald Leenes, an invited paper by prof. Roger Brownsword and an invited short paper outlining pressing questions in ethics and AI by prof. Mark Coeckelbergh. More papers will follow to this issue (2019) as they come in.

Published: 2019-05-20
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We are incredibly excited to launch Technology and Regulation (TechReg), a new interdisciplinary journal of law, technology and society. TechReg provides an open-access platform for disseminating original research on the legal and regulatory challenges posed by existing and emerging technologies.

The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Ronald Leenes of the Tilburg Law School. Our Editorial Board Committee comprises a distinguished panel of international experts in law, regulation, technology and society across different disciplines and domains.

TechReg aspires to become the leading outlet for scholarly research on technology and regulation topics, and has been conceived to be as accessible as possible for both authors and readers.